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“Tim is a natural healer and spiritual guide.  He is able to connect so quickly and naturally to others and I feel so fortunate that he is in my path.  This session was so profound for me—I want that for my friends and loved ones to experience.  I learned that my power source is always available and connected to it can only make me a better artist, friend, family member to guide and serve my community and the world.  I highly recommend Tim for a Session.”




"Tim has a gentle spiritual presence and works very intuitively -  he reads the energy flow of the body and uses his fingertips to hold certain places on the body.  I had a strong sense of his quiet competence and thus, my own safety.  I found myself relaxing deeper and deeper into the treatment, letting go and receiving, experiencing a sense of peace.  I had profound inner journeys -  floating through dream fields of color and movement and was quite refreshed and relaxed when the treatment ended.  The feeling of peace lasted for several days.   I highly recommend Tim's work for anyone wanting help in releasing their own vital energy flow which then opens possibilities for healing, rejuvenation and wholeness."  





“Tim provided a nice combination of deep listening & presence & support.   I was able to open into the territory of emotions & memory.  I felt like he was both leading & following me, with deep listening, presence and support. I ended up shifting into a deeper state and was given the space, with no pressure, to experience what was there plus learn from it.” 





“Working with Tim over the past seven months has been life changing. He has provided me with "tools" to navigate life that I never knew were available to me. Eliminating suffering in my life is a continual process, but I am now better equipped to deal with the day-to-day issues that prevent me from living fully. Through Jin Shin Jyutsu and Awaken Therapy with Tim, I have been able to simplify my approach to solving pervasive problems and relating to others. After my sessions, I feel open, loving, grounded, and better able to connect with myself in a deeper and more meaningful way.”     





"I received two treatments from Tim for extreme pain that I was experiencing in my shoulders and arms. During the treatments I felt a lot of energy moving in my body, and a deepening sense of relaxation. I felt that my body went into "healing mode." After each session I felt very quiet inside, as if my whole body had let go of any trying or tension. I felt deeply surrendered and safe, and lay very still for a long time after the sessions were over. During the next few days I experienced less pain and my whole attitude toward life was more positive. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone in need of healing for their body or their psyche."





"Tim is a gifted practitioner with a very gentle and nurturing approach--I could feel endorphins and a refreshed energy at his first touch. After my Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment, I felt incredibly relaxed but also as if I had just had a workout. Tim was also very thoughtful in teaching me some JSJ self care practices that I can continue on my own. I am so grateful!"



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